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Explore Tech Exhibit starts 08 August

Coming to the Library on August 8th:  Explore Tech

This exhibit shows how engineering provides solutions to better meet human needs and develops sustainable innovations for the future, and how engineers create new technologies to solve problems. It features hands-on and multimedia components that allow exhibit visitors to interact with exhibit content in a dynamic way, encouraging new perspectives about engineers and their vital work. Visitors will become familiar with the National Academy of Engineering’s 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering, critical issues that must be addressed in the 21st century. They will also learn about the fundamental principles of energy, become aware of their own energy use, and understand the impact of engineering on societies over time and place. The exhibit includes three areas: A. Engineering: Past, Present, and Future, B. High Tech/Low tech, and C. Power Up! Creating a Sustainable Energy Future. The exhibit will include a touchscreen computer kiosk that contains a several games that will engage children and adults. Some of the interactive experiences include Game Changers, which is about the Grand Challenges, along with a Quiz game.

Billings Public Library is thrilled to host the Explore Tech exhibit this year from August 8-October 5! We are one of only 14 libraries in the country to host this exhibit, so be sure to stop by and check it out. The library will also be holding a number of special programs centered around the theme of engineering, so keep an eye on the monthly newsletter as well as this website to see what we have coming up! Look below to find our PRELIMINARY schedule of events (preliminary in that dates/times may still change, although all of the events listed below will occur during the time that we have the exhibit):

Schedule of Special Events for the Explore Tech Exhibit:

  • August 8: Opening Reception
  • August 17: History of Mining in Montana & Rock Petting Zoo
  • August 24: CHILDREN"S PROGRAM Make a Simple Water Filter
  • August 31: CHILDREN'S PROGRAM Build a park
  • Sept. 20: From the Atom to the Atmosphere: Replacing Nature with a Synthetic World--a Humanities Montana Lecture by Christopher Preston