Online Learning

If your child is staying home from school, here are some resources to keep up with their education until they go back to school:
Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings (Updated) : Amazing Educational Resources
Some of the links on the page are to sites that are always free; some are now offering free access for a limited time.

The Library’s vision is to help our community members discover a catalyst for lifelong habits of learning, self-improvement, and self-expression. One way we do that is to provide access to online services that help patrons improve literacy skills in order to meet their personal, educational, and occupational goals.  Try some of these easy-to-use tools.

Mango Languages

Foreign Language Learning

Start learning a language with the easy-to-use Mango Languages system featuring 34 foreign languages. Proceed at your own pace and convenience.

Universal Class

Online Courses through Universal Class

Billings Public Library provides all courses free of charge to our patrons. Explore Universal Class today! You will need your library card number and a working email address to register.