Billings Public Library is where our community connects and grows together, discovering the love of reading, the joy of learning, and the sharing of creative expression.

Billings Public Library Vision Statement

Through the services provided by Billings Public Library, Billings, and Yellowstone County residents will:
  •     Experience the Library as a focus of community life for people to gather and connect with each other to build a strong, sustainable, and livable community.
  •     Acquire the skills and information they need to succeed at school, at work, and in their personal lives.
  •     Discover responsive, dynamic, and high-quality services and programs that enlighten, inspire, and entertain.
  •     Benefit from reading, viewing, listening to materials, and participating in programs that stimulate their thinking, enhance their knowledge of the world, and enrich their leisure time.
  •     Enjoy a high level of access to electronic information resources.
  •     Develop the technological, information seeking, and information evaluation skills needed in an increasingly complex world.
  •     Utilize fully the Library's resources and services, and encourage others to do so as well.
  •     Enjoy relaxing and welcoming spaces that are a source of local pride and an essential public resource.
  •     Discover a catalyst for lifelong habits of learning, self-improvement, and self-expression.
  •     Find a bridge over the digital divide for those lacking access to technology.
  •     Find a partner in building the community's future.
  •     Develop the love and habit of reading in children from the earliest possible moment.
  •     Interact with the Library, the community, and the world through the use of digital communications and dynamic social media.
Read the current Library Strategic Plan.

Parmly Billings

Parmly Billings

Frederick Billings Sr.

Frederick Billings Senior

Billings Public Library Values Statement

Billings Public Library intends to provide:
  •     Services that are highly valued and result in library use and involvement from throughout the community.
  •     A welcoming and lively cultural and lifelong learning center for the community.
  •     Outstanding reference, readers advisory, and borrower services.
  •     Barrier free services accessible to all, regardless of background, education level, or economic status.
  •     Collections of value and interest that are current, relevant to user needs, and readily accessible from every service point.
  •     A friendly, trained, and highly competent staff that works together to provide responsive service to all users.
  •     Appropriate technology to extend, expand, and enhances services throughout the community and ensure that all users have equitable access to information.
  •     An environment in which staff treat customers and each other with respect.
  •     Facilities that are inviting, safe, and well maintained and are available in locations and during hours of greatest convenience to users.
  •     Careful stewardship of the public trust, making the efficient use of both public and private funding.
  •     Promotion of collaboration and cooperation where possible with other agencies, and building public/private partnerships to enhance services to our users.

Service Responses

Based on community input, the following Service Responses have been selected: 
  • Connect to the Online World: Patrons have free access to online services that expand and enhance their knowledge, provide resources, learning, and leisure opportunities.
  • Know Your Community: Patrons have easy access to information about community resources, programs, services, and activities in order to actively participate in the community.
  • Learn to Read and Write: Patrons of all ages can learn to read or improve their literacy skills to meet their personal, educational, and occupational goals.
  • Satisfy Curiosity: Patrons in all stages of their lives have access to programs and material needed for personal enrichment.
  • Stimulate Imagination: Patrons enjoy stimulating, inspiring programs and materials that make their leisure time more engaging and enjoyable.
  • Visit a Comfortable Place: Patrons can conveniently pursue individual, group, or community interests or interact socially at the main Library or Library branches in a safe, comfortable, and appealing environment.

Library History

Billings Public Library is the public library serving Billings and Yellowstone County, Montana. It was established in 1901, and was originally named for Parmly Billings, eldest son of Frederick Billings, the City’s founder and namesake. The Billings family donated the first library to the young town in memory of Parmly, the only family member to ever live in the City.

Get the complete Centennial History of the Library (PDF), written by reference librarian Jim Curry and published in 2002.

Historical Newspaper Articles

concerning the 1901 opening of Parmly Billings Library