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Nintendo Switch consoles come loaded with thirteen digital games including Pokemon: Arceus and Nintendo Sports, and we encourage you to pick up a physical game or two while at the library!

Check-Out Policies & Information

  • Patrons must fill out Nintendo Switch User Agreement Form prior to checkout
  • Console checkouts are limited to two (2) games per account.
  • Consoles can be checked out for 14 days.
  • Consoles can be placed on hold.
  • Consoles will accrue $1/day in late fines, to a maximum of $10.
  • Consoles will only be checked in and out at 2nd-floor Reference desk
  • Replacement costs are as follows:
    • Nintendo Switch Console- $299.99
    • 256GB Micro SDXC card- $54.99
    • Nintendo Switch dock/ charging station- $59.99
    • Pair of JoyCon Controllers- $79.99
    • Pair of JoyCon Straps- $7.99 (each)
    • JoyCon Grip- $19.99
    • Power Cord- $29.99
    • HDMI Cable- $7.99


Nintendo Switch Console Kit Unboxing & Tutorial Video

Nintendo Switch Games available for checkout

Nintendo Switch games are available for checkout!

We offer a great assortment of Nintendo Switch games to choose from, along with a collection of video game-related books and DVDs.

Check-Out Policies & Information

  • Game checkouts are limited to two (2) games per account.
  • Games can be checked out for 14 days.
  • Games can be placed on hold.
  • Games will accrue $1/day in late fines to a maximum of $10.
  • Games will be checked out at the 2nd-floor Reference desk.

* Patrons will be charged the full retail value of games that are lost or damaged. We will also consider taking the same version of a game as a replacement.