Publishing or Reproducing Montana Room Materials

Request for Permission to Publish or Reproduce

The status of photographs and documents in the Billings Public Library (BPL) collection can be difficult to determine. Copyright is affected by the date the material was created, the date it was published, who produced it and the employment status of the creator.

BPL has not determined copyright status for the materials in our collection and cannot be responsible for securing any needed copyright permission. While we do provide copies of our materials for publication or research, researchers must exercise due caution in using those materials.


BPL’s digitized materials may be found at the Montana Memory Project (MMP), located at Copies may be downloaded at no cost for personal or non-commercial use. For higher resolution files of BPL materials in the MMP, please use the form below.

Scans: Library staff can search for and scan images not currently available on the MMP. Fees may apply. Please place a request using the form below.


Permission to Publish: Researchers wishing to publish BPL materials in print, online, or by broadcast must request permission. A granted permission does not extend to additional uses or research projects.


For any questions about permissions, please contact Billings Public Library at


Please read the following conditions carefully. Acknowledgement is required on the permission request form.

  • Permission for reproduction is limited to the applicant and described project and may not be transferred or reused. 
  • Images will be provided electronically in a 300 or 600 dpi (depending on availability) TIFF format via link to a download site. If the researcher requires something different, charges may apply. Please contact the Library.
  • Images may not be sold or redistributed, or used for any purpose except as described herein.
  • A credit line must be provided in all publications: Courtesy of Billings Public Library, Billings, MT. Credit lines should appear in close proximity to the material used, or in a dedicated credits section.
  • If image is to be used in social media, please tag @BillingsPublicLibrary on Facebook, @BillingsLibrary on Twitter, @BillingsLibrary on Instagram or @BillingsPublicLibrary on Pinterest. For other platforms please, include a link to
  • This permission to publish, reproduce, distribute, or display materials is granted for a one-time use only. Future publications or projects require separate permission.
  • Billings Public Library reserves the right to refuse requests for use of materials in the collections if it feels it may be in violation of copyright or if materials are deemed unsuitable for reproduction due to condition. 
  • The applicant agrees to hold Billings Public Library harmless from any claims resulting from the use of the Library’s materials.
  • The applicant agrees to provide Billings Public Library one copy of the published work containing the reproduction at the Library’s request. All costs will be borne by the applicant.


Please complete the request form.