Civic Literacy

Local, State, and Federal government

See how your government works; get in touch with your local officials and congressional delegation, check codes and ordinances.

Federal Government and Law-Related Websites

Links from the University of Minnesota Law Library to the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of the U.S. government.

Montana Legal Research

Links to legal resources from the University of Montana Law Library

Primary Sources Online

Online Library of Liberty
The Online Library of Liberty offers one of the most extensive digital libraries of scholarly works focused on individual liberty and free markets. From Art and Economics to Law and Political Theory, the Online Library of Liberty provides a curated collection of books, audio recordings and reading guides available to download at no charge.

Project Gutenberg has many titles about U.S. independence, democracy, and history available to download for free in many formats. Please note: All titles were published before 1924 and are out of copyright. Some links of particular interest: