Mobile Hotspots

Mobile Hotspots are now available and can be checked out from the 1st floor help desk. A mobile hotspot allows a user to connect to the hotspot and access the internet from their home. No other internet connection/service/access is required, making these hotspots an invaluable tool for those that are struggling with internet access. Simply turn the device on, find the device ID and password, and connect your device to the hotspot to get online (detailed instructions are provided with each hotspot). Some things to note about the library's mobile hotspots:

  • Hotspots offer filtered internet access.
  • Hotspots can be placed on hold.
  • Checkout time is 14 days, after 14 days service will be suspended and a fee of $1 per day will be charged.
  • Limit to 1 per card.
  • Each Hotspot kit contains 1 mobile hotspot, 1 charging cord, 1 plastic container with instructions attached to the back and 1 bag.
  • In order for the Hotspot to be checked in it must be returned to the 1st floor help desk.

You can place a hold on one of our hotspots in our catalog

Institute of Museum and Library Services

This project is funded in part with Library Services and Technology Act funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the Montana State Library.

Mobile Hotspot Instructions

Alcatel Hotspot Instructions

Mobile Hotspot instructions